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DMW Finance Group

Who we are


DMW Finance Group is a collection of business lines that are all devoted to luxury in the finance and investment space where we see luxury as not defined be the sector, product or material but by the larger than expected benefit received by the consumer.


DMW Finance Group aims to deliver a larger than expected benefit to our customers by using our competitive advantage: know-how, vision, network, partnerships, reputation, market position, information and or exclusive agreements.


Commercial Real Estate plays a large role in our activities since the asset class can be shaped to meet fixed income or growth objectives, where we target 5% fixed, 20% growth investment profiles across sectors and asset classes.


The current business lines :


  • Commercial Property: Luxury Hotel, Office, Retail and Developments

  • Asset Management: Multi Strategy Hedgefunds Portfolio Management

  • Art Investment: Art Funds, Art Financial Products

  • Luxury Sector: Private Equity, M&A

Geographically we have a strong presence in Switerland, Monaco, Paris, London, and UAE.  Our interest in fomenting business in these areas means we have a solid special events calendar. 



DMW Finance Group began in earnest in 2013 as a Zurich based multi-family office, by the name of De Medrano Wealth, with strong ties to owners of global beverage brands, transport and government sectors with now 20 years of history of providing guidance to the same client base. 


The firm was focused intially on delivering a differentiated service based on innovations in the field of macroeconomic and asset market forecasting and advances in risk management as a key to wealth accumulation.


2015 saw two important milestones: a) the transfer of the private banking business to another large Zurich based Wealth Manager and b) the formation of a new firm with a wider scope of activity in alternative investing, DMW Finance GmbH, which began to focus on a multi geography commecial real estate, private equity, and tangible assets such as art and gems/colored diamonds.


Later that year the trade name, DMW Finance Group, was adopted to reflect the direction of the firm toward a collection of business lines.



DMW Finance Group exclusively takes the role of advisor in all of it´s business activities and for the purpose of FATCA definitions with regards to Foreign Financial Institutions does not exert or is at all involved in Custodial Activity, Depositary Activity, Insurance Activity or Holding Company / Treasury Activity, does not hold financial assets or accept deposits.


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