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Venture Capital, Private Equity and M&A for the Luxury Industry

Global Fashion and Luxury Industry and the Affluent Consumer

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The Investment Banking division provides an opportunity for small to medium sized firms in the luxury sector in Switzerland and France to access capital.

DMW Finance Group, through its activities in large scale commercial real estate, asset management and capital raising for the  global client base as a source of capital.

Particularly key is the careful understanding of the dynamics of the business in question and the detailed preparation of informative, well thought out, and attractive materials to

showcase the financing project desired by the client though: 

Deal Origination and On-Boarding

Due Diligence

Strategy and Value Creation


A wide and diverse client base of wealthy investors and investment institutions provides a convenient network for roadshows and productive investment communication.



- Swiss Watchmaking

- Fashion Men / Women

- Jewellery

- Beverages

- Superyachts

- Disruptive Technology in Fashion, Retail & Luxury

AI/AR/Big Data

* Industry Statistics: Deloitte, Google Consumer Analytics

US$ 217 Billion 
Luxury Goods Sales Top 100
Want to touch and feel before purchase
65% want to touch and feel a product before purchase
LVMH, Gucci, Dior over 40 mm followers on Social Media on average
average deal transaction multiple
Fastest Growing New Luxury Markets
37 yrs old & 56% female
Research online and offline then go to a store 
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